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10 Reasons Everyone Should Have Vessel Scented Jewelry

10 - All of our Lockets attach securely to any of our Chains or Ribbon/Cord Necklaces, so you have an almost endless possibility of customized pieces.

9 - Our selection of seven beautiful metal finishes means you have a diverse variety of jewelry options to choose from.


8 - With 42 colors, shapes and sizes of ScentSpheres, your scented jewelry will match all your outfits.

7 - Within categories of citrus, floral, green, spicy and woodsy, we offer 15 Vessel fine fragrances, including men's fragrances.


6 - If you prefer your own fragrance, you have the option to use your own essential oils or perfume to personalize your ScentSpheres with your favorite fragrance.

5 - Since fragrance never touches your skin, even those with sensitivities to scent can wear Vessel scented jewelry.


4 - Fragrance stays in your own personal space, so no need to worry about your scent being too intense to others around you.

3 - Wear just the Locket and Chain, or bling it up with our assortment of charming Charms and beautiful Birthstones.


2 - In addition to diffusing necklaces, our scented jewelry selection includes rings, earrings, bracelets and various accessories.

1 - Vessel offers scented jewelry for everyone...women and girls, men and boys...even pets!


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