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Allergic or Sensitive to Perfume? Vessel is the Answer!

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Allergic or Sensitive to Perfume?  Vessel is the Answer!

Did you know that this issue was exactly why Vessel was started? Founder Karen Carter always enjoyed perusing the perfume counters in department stores. Pretty packaging would catch her eye, and she found that the celebrity endorsements were enticing, and fragrance names sounded so delightful. But alas, when it came time for the salesperson to spray her wrist, she would quickly back off and head for the shoes, or the purses, or the clothes, or anywhere else in the store! The smell of fragrance on her skin bothered her so much that on the rare occasions she bought perfume and actually used it, she would typically...

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What If I Don't Have a Website?

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We have had several people ask us what to do if they don't currently have a website, and want to sign up in ShareASale so that they can be a Vessel Affiliate. The good news is that there are quite a few options, with additional choices available soon.   Build Your Own Website There are numerous free to low-cost (depending on what features you use; some are a free trial period but then there's a monthly fee) website builder sites out there. Sites with the best ratings include:  Wix  ( Weebly  ( SiteBuilder (  Wordpress ( GoDaddy  ( Sitey (

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A New Direction for a New Year

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Welcome to the new Vessel! We are very excited to begin a new journey with our wonderfully unique products.  So take a look around and see what catches your eye!  You can create many different looks with just a few basic pieces.  Use our proprietary ScentSpheres® in a wide array of colors and designs to coordinate your outfits, or to add a pop of contrasting color. If you use essential oils, you'll find that our products are wonderful personal diffusers, allowing you to have your favorite oils with you wherever you go while showing off your personal style. Vessel continues...

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