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Blue with Pastel Flowers (Heart) ScentSpheres®

$ 5.00

Set of 15 ScentSpheres in a plastic jar. Select this size for use in Lockets.

Bulk set of 50 ScentSpheres in a plastic bag. Select this size for use in Sachets.

Heart shaped ScentSpheres are available only as an unscented option to use with your own essential oils.

Use your own glass container or our 1 oz glass jar when fragrancing ScentSpheres with essential oils. Do not dispense essential oils into the plastic jar.

For ScentSpheres scented with essential oils, fragrance dissipates differently depending on the essential oil. Reapply essential oils as needed to refresh scent.

Store ScentSpheres in the plastic jar or bag when not in use to prolong fragrance strength.

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