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Glass Jar - Glass Jar

Glass Jar

$ 1.50

If you're purchasing unscented ScentSpheres to use with your own essential oils, follow these steps for fragrancing:

  1. Transfer ScentSpheres from the plastic jar or bag they arrived in into the glass jar. (Essential oils should not be dispensed directly into the plastic jar.)
  2. Apply several drops of your choice of essential oil and swirl the glass jar around so that the essential oil evenly coats ScentSpheres.
  3. Allow ScentSpheres to soak from a few minutes to several hours - depending on the strength of scent you prefer. (If left soaking for a long period of time, some essential oils may cause ScentSpheres to break down.)
  4. Before placing ScentSpheres into your Vessel Locket, pat the beads dry with a tissue if needed.
  5. Handle your Vessel jewelry with clean, dry hands.
  6. Use the plastic jar or bag to store dry, scented ScentSpheres.

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