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About Us

The Fusion of Fashion and Fragrance

Founded by Karen Carter (right) and Susan Harward (left), Vessel revolutionizes the way women shop for fragrance and jewelry. Our proprietary scent system combines beautiful Lockets with our fragrance-infused ScentSpheres, which are then inserted into the Lockets. Our gorgeous range of Chains, Lockets, Charms and ScentSpheres are interchangeable for truly customized pieces. Every Vessel Locket and Charm can be attached to any Vessel Chain. Each Locket can be filled with any of our numerous selection of ScentSpheres infused with your choice of one of Vessel's tantalizing fine fragrances. Or choose unscented beads and use your own essential oils or signature perfume. Each and every combination expresses a unique sense of style.



Vessel's proprietary scent system features Lockets designed to hold the fragrance of your choice, and show it off with style.

Our colorful ScentSpheres are made of a porous polymer clay. They absorb and diffuse fragrance over time, creating a perfectly personal scented jewelry piece.

The beauty of interchangeable Vessel jewelry is the ease of combining our Lockets, Chains, Charms and ScentSpheres to create a variety of looks that coordinate with any style.


Vessel offers three ways to wear our jewelry:

1 - Scented Jewelry
Our Vessel fine fragrances are pure perfume oils that come in a variety of scent categories. Select your ScentSpheres scented with one of our Vessel fragrances to create your own unique scent and style. 

2 - Aromatherapy Jewelry
Essential oils offer a variety of therapeutic benefits. Choose unscented ScentSpheres and fragrance them with your own selection of essential oils. Your Vessel jewelry becomes a beautiful personal diffusing necklace.

3 - Fragrance Free
You can choose to leave your ScentSpheres unscented and enjoy the beautiful color and design options. Change out your ScentSpheres any time so that your jewelry matches your mood, your outfit and your style.