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What are ScentSpheres made of?

ScentSpheres are made of absorbent polymer clay.

Is polymer clay safe?

Polymer clay is widely and safely used for making arts and crafts items. Avoid ingestion of ScentSpheres in humans and animals, but if accidentally ingested the beads will pass through with no harmful or toxic effects. 

Are Vessel fragrances all natural?

While Vessel fine fragrances contain a combination of natural and synthetic components, they are pure perfume oils without the addition of alcohol or water.

How long will Vessel fragrances last on ScentSpheres?

ScentSpheres scented with one of Vessel's pure perfume fragrances will remain fragrant for several weeks up to several months. Although the scent will fade with time, fragrance strength will be preserved longer if ScentSpheres are kept in their plastic jar when not in use.

How long will essential oil fragrances last on ScentSpheres?

Every essential oil is different and fragrance strength on ScentSpheres will vary. Typically the scent from essential oils will not last as long on ScentSpheres as will our Vessel fine fragrances. However, essential oils can be reapplied over and over - either the same essential oil or a different oil if you choose to combine scents.

Can I combine essential oils to create a unique fragrance blend for my ScentSpheres?

Yes! Be creative and blend your oils to make any scent combination that suits your sense of smell.

Do ScentSpheres used with essential oils provide an aromatherapy effect?

Yes! Any aromatherapy effect you get from essential oils can be obtained by using your oils on ScentSpheres and creating that same aromatherapy effect with your Vessel scented jewelry.

Can I apply essential oils directly into the plastic jar that my ScentSpheres are stored in?

No. Essential oils will destroy the plastic jar. Instead use your own glass container, or the glass jar available from Vessel. If you're purchasing unscented ScentSpheres to use with your own essential oils, follow these steps for fragrancing:

  1. Transfer your ScentSpheres from the plastic jar they arrived in into the glass jar. (Essential oils should not be applied directly into the plastic jar.)
  2. Apply several drops of your choice of essential oil and swirl the glass jar around so that the oil evenly coats the ScentSpheres.
  3. Allow ScentSpheres to soak from a few minutes to several hours - depending on the strength of scent you prefer.
  4. Before placing the ScentSpheres into your Vessel Locket, pat the beads dry with a tissue if needed.
  5. Handle your Vessel jewelry with clean, dry hands.
  6. Use the plastic jar to store dry, scented ScentSpheres.

Can I use my own perfume to fragrance ScentSpheres?

Yes, you can spray ScentSpheres with your own perfume. Please be aware that most commercial perfume contains a high alcohol content. This means that the fragrance will dissipate faster, ScentSpheres color/design may fade, and the beads may not last as long. If your perfume contains any essential oils, don't spray directly into the plastic jar. Instead, use a glass container for fragrancing. 

If I am applying my own essential oils or perfume, how long do ScentSpheres take to dry?

Drying time will vary depending on the specific essential oils or perfume you are using. With a typically high alcohol content in commercial perfumes, ScentSpheres may dry quickly. When using essential oils, if ScentSpheres ares still wet after some time, pat dry with a tissue if needed. Always handle your Vessel jewelry with clean, dry hands.

How long do ScentSpheres last?

ScentSpheres may break down over time, especially with the use of certain essential oils. 

Does Vessel jewelry meet lead and nickel safe standards?

Yes, our pieces meet lead and nickel safe standards of less than 100 ppm.

What are Vessel's shipping costs and delivery times?

Following are our current shipping costs and associated delivery times for the continental US. Fragrance processing requires approximately 24-48 hours. Orders requiring fragrancing will be shipped after that processing time is completed.  

USPS First Class (3-5 days)
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USPS Express (1-2 days)

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$6.00 for orders under $50

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What is Vessel's return policy?

Vessel offers a 30 day return policy and a 60 day exchange policy. Please contact us at to arrange returns or exchanges.

Does Vessel allow retail product placement?

Yes. Please contact us at regarding our Wholesaler Program.