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How It Works

Follow these five simple steps for your own personalized, perfumed focal point:


1. Choose Your Locket
Vessel Lockets come in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes that coordinate with any style. These beautiful pieces begin the creation of your Vessel jewelry.

2. Choose Your Necklace
Select an 18" or 30" Chain to match your Locket finish. Or pick out one of our simple single Ribbon or Cord Necklaces, or a more refined Ribbon/Cord combo Necklace - each in an 18" length. 

3. Choose Your ScentSpheres
Various colors, patterns and shapes mean that you have a vast array of options. Why not choose several to match your assorted outfits, your diverse moods, and your exceptional style?

4. Choose your Essential Oils or Fragrance
Select fragrance-free ScentSpheres and apply your own essentials oil or fragrance. Or choose your ScentSpheres scented with one of Vessel's fine fragrances for women or men.

5. Choose Your Charms
Finish up your piece with a Charm, or several, to complete your perfect, customized piece. Select from our charming silver or gold-plated Charms and be sure to include a beautiful Birthstone that highlights your special month, or adds an extra pop of color to complete any look.